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Oh the Places We Go...

It's almost April & we've already completed two full laps around the USA working on Corvettes and one Mustang. 31 cars so far this year worked on from the chilly shores of Massachusetts down to sunny Florida all the way over to the Redwoods of California. When we started this company in November of 2021 we had no idea all of the beautiful places we would go and wonderful people we would meet. It's been a pleasure working on over 317 Corvettes from coast to coast in the last few years. Our customer service and meticulous nature keep us ahead of the game as we've created a category of our own: 5 star automotive technician service in the comfort of your own garage. This year alone we've had the pleasure of working in NYC, LA, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Seattle, Denver, Charlotte, Charleston, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Montana, Alabama, New Mexico & more. We will be in Canada next week working on at least 14 Corvettes from Toronto on down to Naples, Florida. The year is still young and we have several more laps of the nation to complete. God Bless and drive safe everyone. See you out there America.

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