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9 Inches of Snow Couldn't Slow Us Down!

We might be based out of Indiana, but the world is our playground. Lately we've been adding a growing client list for vertical door installs across the USA. If you follow the Bokeyno Motorsports Tiktok, Instagram or Facebook then you saw the incredible trek from Virginia Beach to Los Angeles... LA to San Francisco... San Fran to Midland, Texas... Texas to Memphis & Memphis back to Indianapolis. It has been an incredible ride and we appreciate everyone that has joined us on this adventure.

Lately we've grown significantly here in the Midwest with multiple new clients in Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois & right here in Indiana. The Red Mist C8 you see pictured above was completed just a few days ago in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a trek through the recently arrived snow, but we do our best to stick to the schedule. While we hope international installations will be happening soon, we have a number of clients here domestically in the USA to keep us busy. As C8's make their way around the globe we will be there to service them and complete perfected vertical door installations.

Thank you to all of our current clients for trusting your vehicles with us and making this incredible journey possible. We value your trust and are committed to servicing your vehicles and giving you the best advice on maintaining your vertical door installs.


Brandon R. Bocchino

Head Installer

Bokeyno Motorsports

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