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Haven't Blogged in A While! Too Busy Working on Vettes

Since the last blog post we've worked on 75 other Corvette C8's bringing our total to 151 Corvette C8 vertical door installs complete. I apologies the blog post began sporadically then basically died because I am a one man army running the road show working on the website & the cars so there is no time for blogging. Every day my life is devoted to working on Corvette C8's. On average I spend 8 hours driving everyday and 8 hours working on the Corvettes which leaves me less than 8 hours to eat, sleep, get cleaned up, schedule future installs and get established before the next installation. I sometimes spend over 30 days on the road working on Corvettes (current record is 38 days.. 22 Corvettes) but typically they are 10-14 day long road trips. I've worked on Corvettes in almost every state traveling between Maine & California every month or so. With over 1,100 hours logged working on the front ends of Corvette C8's I have a lot of experience that I continue to build on. Thank you for your interest in Bokeyno Motorsports and be sure to check out our Instagram page to see most of the Corvettes we have worked on. Take care and see you out there on the road.

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