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Who's Ready? Corvette C8 zr1

Obviously this isn't a picture of a C8 zr1, but I expect the view to be just as other-worldly with the vertical doors installed. It is my understanding that while the zr1 will have a wide body package the chassis should remain essentially the same thus the current C8 vertical door kits on the market will work on the zr1. Luckily we have a client already lined up to receive the zr1 and is willing to let us experiment. I am extremely excited by this prospect & opportunity and can't wait to share the results. I'm always reaching out to other technicians across the country to learn as much as possible to perfect the installation technique since this is a mechanically inclined venture. There's a thousand ways to install these hinges wrong and only one way to truly do them right. Any modification to a car changes its dexterity and the goal is always to minimize that impact. I look forward to sharing the results of vertical door hinges on a C8 zr1 so be sure to stay tuned to the Bokeyno Motorsports blog for updates, automotive news, & techniques for maintaining your vertical door kit. Thanks everyone & Merry Christmas!

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