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How to make height adjustments on your new vertical doors

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Over the course of the first year after initial installation your new vertical door shocks are going to break-in. As the shock is worked in, the door will sit slightly lower. This may result in the door not hitting the door latch properly while closing. You may hear the door click as it hits the latch low. This is your first sign that the door needs to be raised.

With the door open (but not vertical) you should be able to see directly into the entire hinge kit as it sits behind the fender. Using a 3/16 hex on a short ratchet you should be able to connect to the adjustment configuration as seen in the picture below. Once locked in, turn the adjustment bolt to the right by a quarter turn (*Please note you may want to have your windows slightly lowered in case you over adjust and the door is sitting significantly higher than it should).

After the adjustment is made test the door. The door may need to be raised by another quarter turn if it has been sitting lower for longer than a month. If you happen to over adjust the door & now the door is sitting higher than it should just turn the adjustment bolt to the left to lower.

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