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C8 Vertical Door Install- Maysville, Kentucky

Another install in the books! Wonderful meeting this C8 owner & his family.

There is something about the lines on a C8, the mid-engine, as well as the shorter front-end that seem to really make these doors pop. I do weekly sometimes daily vertical door installs on C8's and so far every owner has agreed it just gives these vehicles a different sharper look. As a one man team there is a lot of technique and repetition that goes into every install.

Whenever I set my spacers and fittings to secure the doors on a C8 to the body of the car I almost always have to make new ones for each install. Why? Because no two C8's are exactly alike. For instance I can typically put 2-3 spacers beneath a C8 door where it meets the body of the car. However I've had cases where one door sits 4-5 spacers high and the other is 1-2 spacers low. As I measure gaps between the door and frame while the doors are closed I always get different measurements for each side.

Just another reason why you want to go with an installer who has spent over 500 hours working on the doors, fenders and bumpers of these vehicles.

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