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Get Elevated. Go Vertical.™

Worldwide Distribution & Installation on Vertical Doors
Custom Artwork & Marketing Tools



Vertical door installation is a passion of mine. There's a thousand ways to install these hinges wrong & only one way to do them right.


Since May of 2021 I've installed vertical door hinges on over 317 C8 Stingrays as well as other high class vehicles from Camaros to Mustangs. I travel to you & complete the install same day right in the comfort of your own driveway.


I've worked on more C8's than most other technicians giving you peace of mind as I navigate the inside of your vehicle exchanging factory hinges for our Vertical Door Inc. hinges. I transform your regular door operations into a vertical masterpiece that draws immediate attention at every car show, rally, & event you wish to showcase your beautiful ride. Thank you for your interest in our passion here at Bokeyno Motorsports. Please feel free to reach me directly at for any questions, comments or to schedule an appointment. Thanks again & I'll see you on the track. 

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